New Hydroponics Kits For Serious Growers

There are many different kinds of Hydroponics Kits out on the market today. You can buy many simple kits from mass marketing outlets, nurseries and even online. These are for really anyone who wants to try a stab at Hydroponics in general, mostly because they are inexpensive, disposable, and have everything that is needed to get started right away.

However, if you are a serious grower, these simple Hydroponics Kits just won’t do. A serious grower will be considering growing at least ten to twenty plants at a time. In many cases, these people have to make homemade Hydroponics systems instead, starting from scratch or from plans. There are some good large scale kits available, one of them is the Volksgarden:

The Volksgarden hydroponics kit is a rotating wheel within which some 80 hydroponics plants can be planted. Turning one full circle every hour, the plants can get watered every hour, or the hydroponic nutrient pump can be timed to reduce this rate of watering.

This experiment is following the growth of different varieties of lettuce, some cherry tomatoes, and some mini peppers.

The rapid and robust growth of all plants in this system is visibly amazing. The lettuce was ready to harvest within 21-28 days, compared to the suggested 60 days on the seed packet. The cherry tomatoes began to flower within 35 days.

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If you are serious about growing your own food, or are growing medical marijuana, these are the Hydroponics Kits to look into. The only real drawback that can be seen is that height of the plant may be an issue. However, for smaller herbs, vegetables and even starters, this kit really takes the guess work out of growing, and realistically doesn’t take up that much space.

Using Hydroponics Systems to Provide Food For a Community

My feeling is that no person on this Earth should have to go hungry because of the many different Hydroponics Systems available. Now many others are starting to think the same way. Now many different Hydroponics plans that are being implemented in communities all over the country, whether it is middle America or both coasts, and just about every where in between.

One owner operated indoor farm is using both Hydroponics Systems as well as Aquaponics to grow not only a variety of fresh produce for their community, but also to bring fresh fish to the community of West Barnstable, in Massachusetts. Despite problems and a complete loss of the their fish inventory during Hurricane Irene earlier this year, they are still going strong. Not do the supply food to their community, they also raise their own honey bees, taking them around the state to help pollinate other people’s farms. Here is some more information:

As one of the few indoor Aquaponic farms in the US, E&T Farms, run by Ed Osmun and his wife Betty, are a popular supplier of salad greens, basil, arugula and garlic for their community, selling their produce at local farmers’ markets and natural foods stores.

Hydroponics Systems Using Aquaponics Nutrients

Their system is pretty typical for a large-scale indoor setup; one room, kept fairly dark to inhibit algae growth, contains fish in tanks where they remove contaminants and add nutrients to the water just by doing their natural business, which is then cycled to the next –much brighter– vegetation room, which contains their crops.

The fish that they are currently raising are koi and tilapia, though they soon plan to replace the tilapia with more valuable sea creatures, like freshwater prawns. The Osmun’s blame an influx of cheap, Asian-grown tilapia for killing the market for these commonly-eaten fish.

To keep things natural, E&T Farms use no pesticides. Indoor systems are famous for being less susceptible to pest infestations, but for added protection, the Osmun’s employ a system known as “integrated pest management” where they introduce beneficial insects like ladybugs into the garden to eliminate the bad ones. This is an incredibly effective strategy for both indoor and outdoor gardens, and leads to healthier, more delicious fruits and vegetables.

Their work with insects doesn’t stop with ladybugs, either. As a side project, the Osmun’s raise a colony of bees, which they transport to nearby farms to help with pollenation. This is a very important service, because wild bees seem to be disappearing at an alarming rate, and without bees crop pollination is difficult. No crops equals no food.

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Hopefully those that read this are inspired to set up their own Hydroponics Systems, not only to grow their own food, but to also help others in their community by selling their products at local farmer’s markets or grocery stores. The nice thing about hydroponics is that fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and other plants can be grown and harvested all through the year, with much bigger yields than with conventional growing methods.

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